Hello, we’re Ossark.

We combine the elements of architectural design and web technology to create compelling online spaces that showcase and create connection. Through immersive 3D experiences and a collaborative approach, we work with our customers to elevate their creations online.

Why work with us

Founded by Passion

Ossark was born from the collaboration of Mark Gaughan, an architect with a decade of experience, and Ossian Moore, a seasoned web developer. We saw the potential to bridge the gap between architecture and digital marketing.

A United Team

Our team unites architects, web developers, graphic designers, 3D artists, and photographers. We bring all your building marketing needs under one roof, ensuring seamless collaboration and brand consistency.

Efficiency You Deserve

Skip the hassle of managing multiple companies! We handle everything from initial architectural CGIs to LRD websites, building websites, and brochures with all the content in between. Let us manage the process, saving you valuable time.

Building Trust, Building Brands

We believe in the power of a consistent brand identity. We ensure your vision translates flawlessly across all platforms, throughout the full building process.

Perfect Fit for Professionals

We cater to property developers, architects, interior architects, engineers, planning consultants, and real estate agents. Let us showcase your work in the best possible light.

Your Vision, Realised

At Ossark, we are passionate about bringing your vision to life. With our combined expertise, we help you tell your story and achieve your marketing goals.

Meet the team

Ossian Moore
Technical Director & Co-founder
Mark Gaughan
Design Director & Co-founder
Sean Daffan
Sales & Marketing
Michael Fitzpatrick
Photographer & Videographer
Kate Doherty
Graphic & UI Designer

Elevate your digital presence with Ossark

Join us in creating online spaces as inspiring as the physical ones you design